Monday, June 13, 2011

Submit your times for 2011

Going up:
  1. Casey Zaugg - 3 August - 49:32
  2. Rick Sunderlage - 15 July - 52:40
  3. Paul Frandsen - 12 July - 52:53
  4. Elden Nelson - 15 July - 52:53
  5. MK Mortensen - 9 June - 1:00:45

Going down:
  1. Paul Frandsen - 9 July - 19:01

Time trial up American Fork Canyon begins at the fee booth and ends at the turnout to the summit trailhead where "win" is painted on the road.

Since winning the climb only wins the race if it's a mountaintop finish, reset your clock and time the descent. Start from "win" and end at the fee booth. If you've got a group of ten or more and you win the sprint to the fee booth, it's good for a 15 second time bonus.

And though it's called a time trial, time trial rules don't apply. In other words, if you're riding with others, so long as the time is your time (not when the first person crosses the line as a bunch strung out over 200 meters rolls in), it counts. Oh, and you don't have to wear the pointy helmet or a skin suit. But you can if you think it will help.

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